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Attack on Titan Review


Man, this anime is so good that I get a wide range of emotions watching it. There is plenty of excitement, despair and sadness. It has been a while since an anime has given me such an emotional impact since Claymore.

I highly suggest that you watch it here.

Top 10 Best Romantic Anime Series

I am going to introduce you guys my top 10 romance anime here!

School Rumble

1) Special A

2) Kaichou wa Maid-sama

3) Zero no Tsukaima

4) Itzura no Kiss

5) Karin Chibi Vampire

6) School Rumble

7) Angel Beats!

8) Shakugan no Shana

9) Full Metal Panic!

10) Clannad

If you are interested in any of these anime, please check out the Best Romantic Anime Series hub.

Anime Like Mirai Nikki

Anime Like Mirai Nikki

I recently just finished an anime called Mirai Nikki. It is an awesome anime that I think you should watch. However, if you already watched it, here are some other ones that you might like:

Deadman Wonderland

Ergo Proxy

Steins; Gate

Elfen Lied

Death Note

If you need more info, visit Anime Like Mirai Nikki